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The decision to seek help can feel like an intimidating process. My goal is to provide collaborative, thoughtful and individualized therapy services to people of all ages in a comfortable, validating environment. We will collaborate together to develop a treatment best suited towards your needs. I use evidence-based practices grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy that may include techniques such as exposure with response prevention (inside and outside the office), mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques, understanding and working to change helpful and unhelpful thought and behavior patterns, and behavior management training for parents. I often collaborate with other professionals and schools and am easily accessible through phone or email.

Services provided include:

  • Individual Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults

  • Parent Training/ Parent Consultation  

  • School Consultation

 I commonly see clients who experience the following challenges:

  • Generalized Anxiety/ Excessive Worry

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Selective Mutism/Social Anxiety

  • Perfectionism (difficulty tolerating mistakes) 

  • Specific Fears or Phobias

  • Mood/Adjustment problems

  • Adolescents who place an intense amount of pressure on themselves to achieve and are excessively worried about their future

  • Separation Anxiety (Children)

  • Women who struggle with the demands of motherhood, relationships, and career

  • ADHD/Executive Functioning

Please be aware that my practice is not equipped to work with clients with primary issues related to eating disordered behavior or addiction.


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