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  • What is your availability for scheduling for new clients?
    Please contact me for current information on my availability. Please be aware that my availability is often quite limited due to the volume of interest. Late afternoon (after school) and evening hours are understandably the most attractive times and tend to be booked. Clients who are more flexible with timing and can come in during the mornings or early afternoons often can get scheduled more easily. Once you have been assigned a spot, it is guaranteed to you and regular attendance would be expected. You may also choose to be placed on my waitlist for the next available opening, or, I can offer you referrals to other providers.
  • What is cognitive behavioral therapy?
    Although treatment is highly individualized, my guiding therapeutic philosophy is based on the science of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of psychological treatment that has been shown by numerous research studies to be effective for a range of problems and can lead to a significant improvement in quality of life. CBT is based on several principles, including the idea that many problems are associated with unhelpful ways of thinking as well as learned patterns of unhelpful behavior. Therefore, specific techniques are often based on efforts to change thinking habits, learn new problem-solving or coping strategies, to approach fears and reduce avoidance, to learn strategies for relaxing the mind and body, and better understand the relationship between thoughts/feelings and behavior. “Homework” exercises outside of sessions are commonly suggested. As an adjunct to traditional CBT, I also utilize “third wave” treatments based on mindfulness techniques.
  • How long can I expect to be in therapy?
    The length of therapy treatment is highly variable and depends primarily on the nature and severity of the presenting problem, the presence of co-occurring conditions, and client motivation. Typically, sessions will begin on a weekly basis and scaling back on treatment frequency and/or termination is discussed on an ongoing basis. Therapy is often about learning new thought habits and skills. As with learning any other skill, the more consistently one attends and practices, the better the usual result.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Please be aware that I am an out of network provider as I do not participate on any insurance plans. Payment is due at the time of service. Your specific insurance plan may or may not provide reimbursement for a portion of these fees to you. If you have out of network mental health benefits, then you should contact your company directly to determine what your rate of reimbursement might be. I will provide you with receipts that include information you need for insurance purposes. Typically, service codes would be 90834 (individual therapy) or 90446 (collateral therapy). Diagnostic codes are highly individualized. Forms of payment accepted include VISA, MC, personal check or cash.
  • ​What if I want to explore medication options?
    Psychologists do not prescribe medication. If desired, referrals are available on request and I often collaborate with other providers to maximize our approach.
  • Do you see patients in person or virtually?
    I offer both in person and virtual appointments; it is your choice. I am licensed in DC and Maryland, and I have APIT (Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology) which allows me to practice telehealth in other states that participate if we decide that is appropriate.
  • How do I access the office after hours?
    If arriving after 5 PM: Approach the call box located outside the doors on St. Elmo Avenue. If prompted for a password, enter mindfulness. Inform security through the call box that you are there to visit Lisa Sanchez in suite 745. Additional steps if arriving after 7 PM: Be aware that the elevators will require security clearance after 7 PM. Use the call box to contact security for elevator access. Note: Lisa Sanchez will send you a photo of the call box for easier identification. Ensure proper communication with security for a smooth visit.
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