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New Client Information

Please be aware that my availability to take on new clients is often quite limited. Please contact me for information on my current availability or review my FAQs for additional information on options.  

What to Expect:

For most clients, we begin with a 60-minute-long intake session. The purpose of this meeting is to collect thorough background information, develop a further understanding of the presenting challenges, and ensure that my therapeutic expertise and approach is an appropriate fit. All subsequent sessions are most typically structured to be 45 minutes in length. It typically will take a couple of sessions to solidify a treatment approach/plan. For specific information on minors, please see below.

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For younger children, the initial intake starts with a parent only meeting to collect background information. Then, session number two is devoted solely to the child. Typically, this “get to know you” session primarily involves play and informal conversation in order to help the child feel comfortable in the environment. In general, the younger the child, the more the parents can expect to participate in the treatment sessions and work on skills outside of session. Some treatments involve having parents and children together in the room for the majority of the session time to practice skills related to interaction and communication. While CBT principles continue to be guiding forces of treatment, play and rapport building continue to be an important component of the process. 

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As children grow, the interventions are geared toward meeting their developmental needs of increased independence and autonomy. For adolescents, for example, privacy is an important component of treatment as they will feel hesitant to disclose personal information otherwise. Parents are viewed as important “coaches” in the process (and, in some cases, should expect to be more involved than others) and can expect ongoing communication about the treatment goals and progress. However, much of the direct communication will be within the context of the therapeutic relationship with the adolescent. Conversations around confidentiality and limits to confidentiality will be discussed with all parties present at intake.

If you have a scheduled appointment, please download and complete all intake forms prior to your visit and bring them with you to the initial session. I will review them with you during this session.

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